Duck Dress


Well, since my six-year-old is doing a project about ducks, she needs a duck dress to wear, right?  Maybe I’ve gone a little overboard, but when I saw this incredible fabric from Lizzy House at The Fabric Bar, I knew that my daughter would love it.  This clean, graphic design begged for a plain and simple dress.  I added a dip in the neckline and double rows of stitching around the neck, arms and hem.  I really love this fabric.



Anyway, on to the importance of looking at your fabric before cutting.  My fabric was face down on the floor as I was cutting and I was so concerned with getting the seams to match the design, that (oops) the ducks are upside down on the left side of the back of the dress.  Can you tell?  Oh well, it adds some interest.

And if you liked that last dress I made with the Lecien fabric, check out this giveaway at Sweet Emmelie.  It’s a super-cute reversible dress!

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  1. I too love this fabric! I am waiting on my delivery so I can start a birthday present for a friend’s child.

    I would not have noticed the upside down ducks, had you not mentioned it. The dress is very cute.

  2. I love that dress it’s so cute and the fabric is adorable! I don’t think the upside down ducks are noticable at all.

  3. this is so precious! I love this little dress, and that’s sort of the beauty of the ducks in a row pattern, it’s hard to tell that the shapes are any different if they are upside down. I did the same thing in a quilt I just made. It doesn’t even show! Thank you for making this! and thanks for posting it! It’s great!



  4. That is adorable! I love the fabric! I’ve made the same mistake as well with the upside down pattern. I was concentrating so much on where to cut the fabric I neglected to see the pattern was upside down. I didn’t even notice your upside down ducks until you pointed it out!

  5. ohhhhh, I’ve just found your blog and I LOVE it!!!! he duck fabric is so cute- I never would’ve noticed they were upside down- the lady that taught me how to sew told me “no one should be that close to your baby to see your sewing flaws” I live by that advice 🙂 I think the dress rocks!

  6. Had you not pointed it out I’d never have noticed the ducks were upside down – and I LOVE your fabric choice!!

  7. I found this fabric online this weekend and I love it too! Oh, and the upside down thing…that is something I would totally do too.

  8. I love that Lizzy House fabric. I want the whole lot of them. I love the ducks and I love how it looks like a simple retro print until you look close enough to see the bills (or maybe thats just my poor eyesight). Cool dress.

  9. This is soooo cute! LOVE the fabric! I also like the dress, where can I get that pattern? (I’m new to sewing, so I need all the help I can get! lol)

  10. I love the fabric. I only noticed the upside down issue becuase you pointed it out. I bet most people won’t. THe ducks look smug. Too funny.

  11. June — I didn’t use a pattern, but I’m sure you could find something simple at the sewing store. Good luck!

  12. I just have to comment because I too am obsessed with matching my daughter’s clothes to what she’s studying … I just made a Brown Bear skirt to go with Brown Bear by Eric Carle themed stuff at school. 🙂 Love the duck dress and I’m so impressed at the beautiful pattern you created!

  13. This is just about as cute as it can be! I love the fabric and the little notch in the neck is a great touch. BTW- I didn’t even notice the pattern and had to squint to see if was upside down!
    Best wishes from Morocco!
    Tina (aka Travelingmama)

  14. Your daughter will have so much fun wearing that sweet little dress! The back seam is perfect and no one would ever notice that the ducks are upside on one side unless you told them. Even then, they’d have to squint to notice 😉

  15. The dress is so cute, and I love the fabric too. I think the upside down ducks just make it more special, something no one else has.

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