Craft Green: Eco-Friendly Tutorials



In the upcoming week I’ll be writing about eco-friendly crafts in celebration of Earth Day.  So here are some eco-friendly tutorials to get you started.  Look for more upcycled projects and green giveaways throughout the week.

Homemade Paper from Instructables.

Gift Bags from Envelopes from How About Orange.

Plastic Grocery Bag Pom Poms from Creature Comforts.

Junk Mail Paper Beads from The New New.

Girl’s Spring Mini-Tote from Betz White.

Crocheted Tawashi from Linda Permann for Craft Stylish.

Fabric Scrap Bowl from Linda Permann at Craft Stylish.

Recycled Crayons from Make and Takes.

Sweater Skirt from Whip Up.

Recycled Sweater Kid Pants from Green Kitchen.

Magazine Bowl from A Little Hut.

Travel Candle in Recycled Tin from Design Sponge.

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