A Recycled Valentine’s Day


Each Monday over the next month I’ll be posting a new recycled Valentine’s Day project.   Seems like an awful lot of Valentine’s day stuff goes into the landfill or gets dumps into the recycling bin after just a few days.  So skip the plastic hearts and store-bought cards and spread some recycled love this year.


Today’s project is a copy of the IKEA heart.  Have you seen it?  A little heart with arms?  At the bottom of this page.  A huggable heart in a miniature, recycled version.  I added a face too.  For the fabrics, I used a felted sweater, old men’s shirt, vintage fabric and a worn-out baby dress.  The buttons are extras from clothing, and the filling is from an old pillow.


Here are some abbreviated instructions.

  1. Cut heart shapes and arms according to heart template.
  2. Sew buttons and mouth.
  3. Sew arms, right sides together, turn right sides out and stuff them.
  4. Pin it all together as shown below and sew, leaving an opening for stuffing.
  5. Turn right sides out and stuff.
  6. Hand sew opening closed.


If you make one of these, be sure to post a photo in the Make it Monday Flickr group.  Thanks!

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