Make Your Own Toys

Stick it to the man this year and make some toys yourself.  I went through a stack of toy catalogs and found some toys that you could make.

Make-My-Own-Monster Custom Design Kit from FAO Schwarz ($249).

Embroidered Growth Chart from Chasing Fireflies ($98).

Fairy Tale Handbags from Chasing Fireflies ($64).

Try this tutorial from UK Lass in US.

Customized Superhero Cape, from Chasing Fireflies ($48).

Try my tutorial here.

Hopscotch Play Mat from HearthSong ($39.98).

Under the Sea Hideaway from Magic Cabin ($64.98).

Doorway Puppet Theater from Magic Cabin ($39.98).

I am doing some recycling as well.  I raided my parents’ attic and found an old puppet theater and some doll beds that will be getting makeovers.  I’m also planning to find a nice large coffee table at a thrift store, rehabilitate it, and make it into a craft table for the kids with lots of new art supplies.  Vintage finds from e-bay and Etsy can also help you save money and  feel better about not adding to the clutter of the world.

Not feeling crafty?  No time?  Check out my Handmade Toys page for sites where you can buy handmade toys.

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