Ribbon Hair Clips

You might have noticed that I love this embroidered ribbon (especially vintage).  So I decided to make some hair clips with my scraps.  Here are some quick and rather vague directions for how to make them. Sorry if this is confusing, but you all are so smart!


  • Hair Clip (like these pictured below)
  • Ribbon (6″ or less)
  • Thread

Step #1: Turn under one end of the ribbon and sew it down.  Clip off the excess.  Tuck it inside your hair clip to get the desired length.  Then fold it over and sew so that you have a pocket for your clip.

Step #2: Check to see how long your finished hair clip cover will be by wrapping it back around, keeping a small hem allowance in mind (approximately 1/4″).  Cut the ribbon, turn down the unfinished edge and sew it under. Then insert the hair clip into the ribbon pocket.

Step #3: Wrap the other end around the hair clip and sew in place down either side.  Note: If you are afraid to put the hair clip in your machine, you could probably just glue down this last bit with a hot glue gun.

12 thoughts on “Ribbon Hair Clips”

  • Oh my GOD!!!!!
    That’s amazing!!!!!
    Now I have to go buying for ribbons. God, everything gets me into more shopping. I just can’t help it, it’s not my fault!!!!!

  • this i so perfect! i recently chopped off my hair and use those types of medal clips to hold back my bangs all the time…now i can make them cute!!!

  • I made a bunch of clips for my daughter and just used hot glue…for those that are sewing machine lacking! I supposed craft glue would work as well.

  • I second the hot glue tip. Works great and you don’t have to change out thread on the machine!

  • I know this is an old post but i saw some gorgeous purple flowered vintage ribbon yesterday and now i know what to do with it!

  • These are so cute. I am going to try it out for the Great Granddaughter’s that I have. The other Granddaughter’s are all big not.
    Wish I could fine ribbon with horse or cowgirls on them. Have granddaughter’s that are into horse and english riding.
    Thanks for the idea’s

  • Thank you for this idea. I just covered some barrets for my grand daughter with some cute ribbon. I just did the sewing by hand. They turned out really well and were quick to make,

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