Vase with Child’s Drawing



I transferred my five-year-old’s drawing to a vase. I’m posting this as an idea, but I used painter’s tape and I think it would have made a cleaner design with vinyl paper. I think this would also work better with simple shapes all over the vase — maybe flowers or butterflies drawn by the child.

The supplies you’ll need are vinyl paper, etching cream, x-acto knife, child’s drawing, a rotary mat and a vase or glass.  I taped the drawing onto the mat on top of the tape, then cut out the design with the x-acto knife.  I carefully peeled it off and placed it on the vase.  Then I used etching cream to make the design, following the directions on the bottle.  The images below can give you the general idea.



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  1. What a terrific idea! Lovely way to preserve those special drawings. Would make a great Mothers Day gift for the grandmothers.

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