35 Printable Valentines

Here’s a repeat of last year’s list with some more added. Um, last year I said there were 30 on the list, but apparently there were only 26?! Must have been multi-tasking. So here’s a list with 35, reliably counted and numbered.  There are so many printable Valentines out there, why would you go to the store?

  1. Heart & Pencil Arrow from Alpha Mom.*
  2. Heart Crayon Cards from The Long Thread.
  3. Lovebirds Card from The Long Thread.*
  4. Wild Things from Super Mom Moments.
  5. SuperValentines from Hotcakes.
  6. Class Valentines from Sara Westbrook for One Charming Party.*
  7. Pirate Valentines from Mer Mag.*
  8. Fruit Stickers from Twig & Thistle.
  9. Cute as a Button from Thirty Handmade Days.*
  10. School Valentines from Anders Ruff.
  11. Tags for Candy Airplanes from Giver’s Log.
  12. Secret Messsage Cards from Martha Stewart.
  13. Valentine Card Envelope from Natalie Jost.
  14. Color Your Own Valentines from Up up.
  15. Vintage Valentines from Vintage Holiday Crafts.
  16. Dog Valentines from Hotcakes.
  17. Sweetheart Cards from Bunny Cakes.
  18. Cute Printable Cards from Oliebollen.
  19. Zebra Cards from Bunny Cakes.
  20. Kiss Cards and Wooden Valentines from Mmmcrafts.
  21. Vintage-style Printables from Ruffled.
  22. Goodie Bags and Brownie Bags from Twig & Thistle.
  23. Bird Valentines from Ollieblog.
  24. Owl Cards from Living Locurto.
  25. Animals from Secret Agent Josephine.
  26. Snail Lollipop Cards from Zakka Life.
  27. Je t’aime Cards from inside a black apple.
  28. Love & Rockets and Giddyup from Cottage Industrialist.
  29. Pretty Love Card from Little Miso.
  30. Ladybug Valentine and Butterfly Lollipop Cards from Skip to My Lou.
  31. Vintage Valentine Sheet from Altered Stuff.
  32. Printable Cards from Maquette.
  33. Valentine Maker at Invys.
  34. Do you love me? Card from Indie Fixx.
  35. Cute Kids’ Valentines from Style Crush.*

And be sure to check here for all of my Valentine’s Day posts from the past with loads of project ideas.

*Pictured above.

Softies for Valentine’s Day

Looking for a huggable Valentine to sew up for the kids? Check out my post over on Tip Junkie for a round-up of softies from around the web to sew for Valentine’s Day. Pictured above: my recycled heart project from a couple of years ago. I’m thinking of making a miniature version to attach to a keychain for my older daughter this year.

Quick Crafty Round-up

Heart Tea Bag from Martha Stewart.

Shot Through the Heart Arrow Garland from Smile and Wave.

Lace Hearts from Michele Made Me.

Vintage Hankie Pillow Covers from Anna of Noodlehead for Elsie Marley.

Padded Fabric Heart from Twirling Betty.

Felt Heart Barrettes from The Purl Bee.

Valentine Scratch Cards from Bloesem Kids.

Mustache and Lips Lollipop Valentines from Family Fun (photo from Blonde Designs).

Valentine’s Day Cards from Cupid

Head over to Alpha Mom for some printable cards perfect for elementary school kids.

30 Printable Valentines


In case you’re behind on the handmade Valentines, here are some quick printables:

Heart Crayon Cards from The Long Thread.

Lovebirds Card from The Long Thread.

Valentine Card Envelope from Natalie Jost.

Color Your Own Valentines from Up up.

Candy Matchboxes with downloadable paper from Brooke Reynolds,  featured on Brides.com.

Vintage Valentines from Vintage Holiday Crafts.

Dog Valentines from Hotcakes.

Sweetheart Cards from Bunny Cakes.

Cute Printable Cards from Oliebollen.

Zebra Cards from Bunny Cakes.

Kiss Cards and Wooden Valentines from Mmmcrafts.

Vintage-style Printables from Ruffled.

Goodie Bags and Brownie Bags from Twig & Thistle.

Bird Valentines from Ollieblog.

Owl Cards from Living Locurto.

Animals from Secret Agent Josephine.

Snail Lollipop Cards from Zakka Life.

Je t’aime Cards from inside a black apple.

Love & Rockets and Giddyup from Cottage Industrialist.

Pretty Love Card from Little Miso.

Ladybug Valentine and Butterfly Lollipop Cards from Skip to My Lou.

Vintage Valentine Sheet from Altered Stuff.

Printable Cards from Maquette.

Valentine Maker at Invys.

Do you love me? Card from Indie Fixx.

Cute Kids’ Valentines from Style Crush.