Mermaid Dolls & Soap Supplies


I used this ingenious idea from Angry Chicken to make mermaid tails for a couple of the girls’ dolls. After taking these photos I realized that yes, mermaids are weird and dolls in general are just kind of creepy (note zombie-like stare of doll pictured on the right).

But there was much excitement in the house about these. I showed my kids the photo from Angry Chicken and they were thrilled because they had one of the same dolls. I didn’t quite follow the instructions, opting for a lazier one-piece version with polyfill stuffing in the tail. I think the two large seashells on that one doll might be a bit much! Better than Barbie, I guess. I think little slip-on fairy wings would be another cute project for the dolls when the girls get tired of mermaids.


On another note, I just received these soap-making supplies from Brambleberry. I can’t wait to mix up some stuff and see what happens. The scents smell heavenly and I love the molds.

Heart Soaps



This was the first time that I have ever made soap and it was so easy! I found a good use for my silicone heart muffin forms. I just used some glycerin, soap coloring and essential oils that I had around the house. For one batch, we added peppermint lotion. It was fun experimenting and my five-year-old got to pour the oils and stir the mixture. I think next time I’ll do a little more research about soap making and see what we can create. But these smell nice, work well and came out very pretty.