Rocket Man


rocket.jpg rocket-boy.jpg

OK, all finished. Crystal got it right — it’s a rocket ship! Finally, I get to make something for a boy. I used quilting weight cotton fabric (from the Belle line by Amy Butler, available here), but it might be wise to try a canvas, tweed or wool felt. I hand-sewed the bottom and was concerned that the fabric was pulling a bit, so I whip stitched a piece of felt on top to secure it. The fabric and design of the rocket was so egg-like that I decided to use a wooden egg for the little rocket boy. I am so not artistic; therefore I tried to keep the design simple and the hand painting to a minimum. But I think I’d like to try some of these egg dolls as matryoshka dolls for Easter. Maybe with some decoupage fabric dresses? Always thinking of the girly stuff.

Instructions and template for the rocket ship are below. I’ll leave it to you to work on a little space boy figure if you want. Here’s the down-low: I bought a wooden egg from the craft store, cut a circular piece of painter’s tape and applied it to the face area, sprayed the body silver and came back and painted the face with acrylic paints. Then it needs a coat of polyurethane.

Instructions for Rocket Ship:

If you make one of these, please share it by uploading a photo to the Make it Monday Flickr group here.


  • 1/2 yard of fabric (I used three different fabrics, plus some felt)
  • scissors
  • thread
  • thin cardboard (cereal box will do)
  • polyfill stuffing

Step 1: Cut all fabrics according to template below. Cut out four pieces of thin cardboard slightly smaller than the template of the rocket wings (leave a bit of room for sewing on the side that attaches to the rocket — I sewed right over the cardboard, but not sure if that’s advisable).


Step 2: Add your own appliqué stars if you choose. I did not provide these in the template, but you can handle it!

Add a pouch for a little figure (skip to step 3 if you don’t want to bother with this): I just measured the circumference of my egg, added extra for seam allowance and cut a rectangular shape (you want it to be snug so the little egg doesn’t fly on its own). I then sewed right sides together. Then my husband showed off his knowledge of pi to the 10th decimal place and helped me figure out the size of the circle for the bottom of the pouch (you’re on your own here since I don’t know the size of your little figure). I am told that you can determine the diameter of the circle you need to cut by taking the circumference of your little figure divided by pi. I then sewed the circle to the little “sleeve” and sewed the entire piece to one of the main body pieces of the rocket ship (cut a circular hole in the fabric first!).

Step 3: Make wings by sewing right sides together (leave the side that attaches each wing to the rocket unfinished). Turn wings right side out. Insert cardboard pieces.

Step 4: Sew pieces of rocket body right sides together, inserting and attaching wings as you go (bottom of wing should be about 1″ from the bottom of the rocket ship). It might be a good idea to reinforce seams with an overcasting stitch. Turn right side out.

Step 5: Sew bottom circle of rocket to four sides of the main body, leaving room for stuffing. I hand-sewed this part because I found that the wings got in the way when I tried with the machine.

Step 6: Stuff densely with polyfill or filling f your choice (add figure to pouch while you stuff). Pin and sew final seam together and reinforce if needed.

Blast off!

50 More Summer Crafts for Kids

This week I’ll be continuing the month-long handmade theme with crafts and sewing projects for the kids. Gigi has compiled a new list of 50 crafts to help you keep the kids entertained this summer.

  1. Milk Carton Boats from lilla a design.*
  2. First Loom for Preschoolers from My Mommy Makes It.
  3. Dream Catchers from Natural Kids.
  4. Hot Air Balloon from Bloesem Kids.
  5. Handprint Sunflowers from Nurture Store.
  6. Nature Jar from No Time for Flash Cards.
  7. Driftwood Sailboat from Wabi Sabi Wanderings.
  8. Nature Potions from Squashed Tomatoes.
  9. Seashell Koalas from Martha Stewart.*
  10. Backyard Mural from Family Fun.
  11. Color Scavenger Hunt from Family Fun.
  12. Cootie Catcher Nature Game from 5 Orange Potatoes.
  13. Painted Sun Prints from Skip to My Lou.
  14. Friendship Bracelets from Srumdilly Do for Skip to My Lou.
  15. Nature Guides from Natural Kids.
  16. Beach Art from Artful Adventures.*
  17. Summer Necklace from Growing Up Creative.
  18. Printable Seaside Sketch Books.
  19. Seaside Windchime from Hillbilly Jillies.
  20. Sandcastle Candle from Squashed Tomatoes.
  21. Tic-tac-toe from Bunny Cakes.
  22. Seaside Shell House from Martha Stewart.
  23. Under the Sea Snack Game from Muffin Tin Mom.
  24. Insect Dioramas from Art Lessons for Kids.
  25. Swinging Spiders from Se7en.
  26. Dirt Dessert Recipe from No Time for Flash Cards.
  27. Bug Jars from lilla a design.
  28. Draw and Label Insects from Fairy Dust Teaching.
  29. Bug Catcher Necklace from Whimsy Girl.
  30. Star Fruit Bunting from Alpha Mom.
  31. Holiday Lanterns from Martha Stewart.
  32. Red, white and blue Paper Pinwheel Cupcake Toppers from The Long Thread.*
  33. Confetti Launcher from Family Fun.
  34. Confetti Pop Rockets from Alpha Mom.
  35. Fourth of July Flowers from Crafts by Amanda.
  36. Sidewalk Chalk from Alpha Mom.
  37. Summer Solstice Celebration from Love in the Suburbs.*
  38. Dice Walking from The Artful Parent.
  39. Story Stick from The Butterfly Jungle.
  40. Butterfly Fan from Maya Made.
  41. Homemade Slime from Tidy Mom.
  42. Make Your Own Fabric from Filth Wizardry.*
  43. Glow Cones from Givers Log.
  44. Butterfly Collection from Growing Up Creative.
  45. Paper Poppy Wall Art from Create, Celebrate, Explore.*
  46. Tissue Paper Lanterns from Waldorf Family Network (maybe with battery-operated lights).
  47. Raspberry and Goat’s Milk Yogurt Popsicles from Joy the Baker.
  48. Homemade Ice Cream Sandwiches from Grace Violet.
  49. Watermelon Ice Cream Pie from Make and Takes.*
  50. Fruit Leather Recipe from Berlin’s Whimsy.

We’ll also have guest contributors and giveaways throughout the week, so check back!

And if you want more crafts, take a look at the list of 50 summer crafts that I posted a while back. Some websites that regularly feature crafts for kids are Skip to My Lou, Alpha MomThe Crafty Crow, and Make and Takes (see Marie’s lists of crafty websites here and here).

35 Printable Valentines

Here’s a repeat of last year’s list with some more added. Um, last year I said there were 30 on the list, but apparently there were only 26?! Must have been multi-tasking. So here’s a list with 35, reliably counted and numbered.  There are so many printable Valentines out there, why would you go to the store?

  1. Heart & Pencil Arrow from Alpha Mom.*
  2. Heart Crayon Cards from The Long Thread.
  3. Lovebirds Card from The Long Thread.*
  4. Wild Things from Super Mom Moments.
  5. SuperValentines from Hotcakes.
  6. Class Valentines from Sara Westbrook for One Charming Party.*
  7. Pirate Valentines from Mer Mag.*
  8. Fruit Stickers from Twig & Thistle.
  9. Cute as a Button from Thirty Handmade Days.*
  10. School Valentines from Anders Ruff.
  11. Tags for Candy Airplanes from Giver’s Log.
  12. Secret Messsage Cards from Martha Stewart.
  13. Valentine Card Envelope from Natalie Jost.
  14. Color Your Own Valentines from Up up.
  15. Vintage Valentines from Vintage Holiday Crafts.
  16. Dog Valentines from Hotcakes.
  17. Sweetheart Cards from Bunny Cakes.
  18. Cute Printable Cards from Oliebollen.
  19. Zebra Cards from Bunny Cakes.
  20. Kiss Cards and Wooden Valentines from Mmmcrafts.
  21. Vintage-style Printables from Ruffled.
  22. Goodie Bags and Brownie Bags from Twig & Thistle.
  23. Bird Valentines from Ollieblog.
  24. Owl Cards from Living Locurto.
  25. Animals from Secret Agent Josephine.
  26. Snail Lollipop Cards from Zakka Life.
  27. Je t’aime Cards from inside a black apple.
  28. Love & Rockets and Giddyup from Cottage Industrialist.
  29. Pretty Love Card from Little Miso.
  30. Ladybug Valentine and Butterfly Lollipop Cards from Skip to My Lou.
  31. Vintage Valentine Sheet from Altered Stuff.
  32. Printable Cards from Maquette.
  33. Valentine Maker at Invys.
  34. Do you love me? Card from Indie Fixx.
  35. Cute Kids’ Valentines from Style Crush.*

And be sure to check here for all of my Valentine’s Day posts from the past with loads of project ideas.

*Pictured above.

30 Printable Valentines


In case you’re behind on the handmade Valentines, here are some quick printables:

Heart Crayon Cards from The Long Thread.

Lovebirds Card from The Long Thread.

Valentine Card Envelope from Natalie Jost.

Color Your Own Valentines from Up up.

Candy Matchboxes with downloadable paper from Brooke Reynolds,  featured on

Vintage Valentines from Vintage Holiday Crafts.

Dog Valentines from Hotcakes.

Sweetheart Cards from Bunny Cakes.

Cute Printable Cards from Oliebollen.

Zebra Cards from Bunny Cakes.

Kiss Cards and Wooden Valentines from Mmmcrafts.

Vintage-style Printables from Ruffled.

Goodie Bags and Brownie Bags from Twig & Thistle.

Bird Valentines from Ollieblog.

Owl Cards from Living Locurto.

Animals from Secret Agent Josephine.

Snail Lollipop Cards from Zakka Life.

Je t’aime Cards from inside a black apple.

Love & Rockets and Giddyup from Cottage Industrialist.

Pretty Love Card from Little Miso.

Ladybug Valentine and Butterfly Lollipop Cards from Skip to My Lou.

Vintage Valentine Sheet from Altered Stuff.

Printable Cards from Maquette.

Valentine Maker at Invys.

Do you love me? Card from Indie Fixx.

Cute Kids’ Valentines from Style Crush.



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