Rocket Man

OK, all finished. Crystal got it right — it’s a rocket ship! Finally, I get to make something for a boy. I used quilting weight cotton fabric (from the Belle line by Amy Butler, available here), but it might be wise to try a canvas, […]

50 More Summer Crafts for Kids

This week I’ll be continuing the month-long handmade theme with crafts and sewing projects for the kids. Gigi has compiled a new list of 50 crafts to help you keep the kids entertained this summer. Milk Carton Boats from lilla a design.* First Loom for […]

35 Printable Valentines

Here’s a repeat of last year’s list with some more added. Um, last year I said there were 30 on the list, but apparently there were only 26?! Must have been multi-tasking. So here’s a list with 35, reliably counted and numbered. ¬†There are so […]

30 Printable Valentines

In case you’re behind on the handmade Valentines, here are some quick printables: Heart Crayon Cards from The Long Thread. Lovebirds Card from The Long Thread. Valentine Card Envelope from Natalie Jost. Color Your Own Valentines from Up up. Candy Matchboxes with downloadable paper from […]


ART & CRAFT: Alpha Mom: site for all things mom-related with a weekly craft column. Camilla Engman: lovely blog from artist Camilla Engman. Craft Gossip: links to ideas and projects from around the web. CraftSanity: crafty blog from craft writer Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood. Craftster: very active […]