Crafty Kids

I haven’t been working on any projects that I can show you now, but my kids have. My 9-year-old got a Bebichhichi doll from the Japan store when we were in Epcot a couple of weeks ago, so she made a house for the doll. Remember Monchhichi? Oh, these little versions are so cute. I think this is the beginning of a collection. Just what we need. Anyway, my daughter is having fun working on the house and furniture.

And my seven-year-old is learning to sew! She was so eager to learn and I knew she’d have more fun learning from someone else, so I signed her up for classes at Whipstitch, where she learned to make this too cute kitty. Looks like she picked out some of Rashida’s fabric for her project! And I’ve discovered if you hate turning fabric tubes, let your kids do it! Their tiny little fingers do it much faster.

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