Pillow Month

It’s pillow month over at Sew, Mama, Sew! Check out this huge round-up of pillow tutorials, including a few of mine. Be sure to check out their sale fabrics while you’re over there. And I’m loving this new collection from Jay McCarroll.

Speaking of pillows, over the weekend I made this log cabin pillow for our guest room/play room. When we were snowed in a few weeks ago, I cleaned out closets, painted three rooms and reorganized things, converting our guest room into a multi-function playroom (and I drove my family crazy).

I painted the walls for the play space a neutral cream color, but the girls wanted pink, so I ordered this fabric for window shades and I’m making a bunch of throw pillows with pink accents for the bed. The pillow is in the living room in this photo because the playroom/guest room is still a giant mess!

4 comments to Pillow Month

  • Suzanne

    Talk about making the most out of the snow! I got a quilt pieced but you take the cake.

  • LOVE it!
    and i make my family nuts with such projects on a regular basis!

  • Wow, the pillow looks great with those photos, though I guess it would be weird to keep it on the piano…

  • Heather

    O.k. So the pillow is awesome that goes without saying, but your piano is gorgeous!! I want to know the story behind that! (I’m a piano person-play and admire –hee hee. I grew up with an older upright grand–they called them–like the one in the picture–just a little different color and style. Cool!)

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