Countdown Calendar

We’re counting down the days until Santa arrives. A day late, but we’ve got candy! Last year we had a store-bought calendar with chocolates and one that we made with activities for each day. This year I thought I’d make a reusable fabric version that we can fill with candy, activity cards, or tiny little toys. The girls have voted for candy this year.

I wanted something simple that we wouldn’t get tired of year after year. The fact that it’s washable is a bonus too. I drew the snowflake design in Illustrator and digitized it for machine embroidery with the numbers added. And this is going to be a pom-pom holiday season for us. I was so excited that my 7-year-old has ended her crafting boycott to make these. Easy and fun for kids to make — I’m planning a post on kid’s pom-pom projects for later this month. I think maybe in a real advent calendar you wouldn’t include Christmas day, but I like the symmetry of five days per row.

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