Book Review: Design Your Own Tees

I received a review copy of Design Your Own Tees: Techniques and Inspiration to Stitch, Stamp, Stencil and Silk-Screen Your Very Own T-shirts by Jennifer Cooke of Raeburn Ink, published by St. Martin’s Press.

One of my goals for the summer was to learn to screen print. Well, I’m doing lots of experimenting with screens and stencils, still afraid to dive into the messy world of light boxes and photo emulsion. But what I love about this book is that it gives you so many different options to make cool designs, whatever your skill level or interest. Jennifer Cooke brings her years of experience making and selling tees to this book. She covers all kinds of techniques, including freezer paper stencils, hand embroidery, spray paint, block printing, machine stitching, stamping, and yes — several different screen printing methods.

I found this book extremely user-friendly with clear directions, whether you want to use the designs she’s provided at the back of the book or create your own. And of course you can use these methods for printing on most any kind of fabric, not just tees. I think this book works well for both beginners and those wanting to become more professional with their designs.

You can see more of Jennifer’s work on her website, her Etsy shop, and her blog.

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