Coin Purse

I ordered some flex frames a while back, and just got around to trying them out. There’s a tutorial over at The Small Object, but I was determined to hide the frame within the fabric, so I made mine differently.

First of all, I made the fabric wider than the 4″ frame to create some gathers (6″ cut with 1/2″ seam allowance). Then I also added a lining fabric just shorter than the exterior fabric and then encased the frame in the same way that you would make an elastic casing. This requires you to slide the opened metal frame into the casing through a 1″ opening, then close the frame by attaching the tiny screw, then sew the opening in the fabric closed once the frame is inside. So, I did wrestle with it a bit, but it worked. This is a gift for a 6-year-old, so I included six dollars. Maybe I’ll write up a tutorial for this one day. Not today.

11 comments to Coin Purse

  • What a great gift for any age. It would make a wonderful way to make a gift card more personal. I hope you have a chance to put up a tutorial soon I would love to add this to my Christmas gifts list.

  • Carla G.

    This is so cute. I love your fabric choice and I am positive the birthday child will love it. I would be so thankful for a tutorial.

  • Very cute! Great gift idea, I’ll have to keep my eyes open for some flex frames 🙂

  • rae

    love!! what a great gift idea. i loved purses that opened like that (with flex frames, i guess?) when i was a child. 😉

  • elsa

    I’ve never used a flex frame. Please do a tutorial … please?

  • Such cute fabric. What a great gift! I’ve always been tempted by flex frames, but was wondering how tightly do they close – is there any gap in the opening?

  • I love the fabric you chose and it’s such a cute idea to include the six dollars as a birthday present. Have you seen Ayumi’s tutorial? She made her pouches a little more puffy and with patchwork – they’re adorable! Here’s the link if you want to check it out:

  • Jenn-It'sSewSweet

    Love! I’m voting for a tutorial too. I have a 6 yr old girl who would just adore this!

  • that is a great idea!! i have never used one…but i just know i could totally find a purpose for one.

  • Do you know how happy, thrilled, excited etc etc, I am about finding your blog…… oh lord, I have found so many awesome projects. I’ll have to give up work to get them all done (I wish). Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Hello! I’ve used these flex frames before too, and I’m glad to find that I’m not the only one wrestling with them. Your little purse turned out so cute, in spite of the wrestling!

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