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I have such memories of these candle pyramids from my childhood.  We had several of the pyramids that my grandmother must have bought in Germany.  You light the candles and the tiny wooden figures spin around in a magical way.  These are amazingly beautiful and well-crafted.

The Wooden Wagon has a large selection of candle pyramids and has offered readers of The Long Thread a 10% off coupon for the month of November (enter the code TLT1109 at checkout).  They have lots of beautiful wooden toys including my favorite — Flade wooden figures, plus nutcrackers, Fagus trucks, Ostheimer wooden toys, and a great selection of high quality art supplies for kids.  So check out their site and buy some new family heirlooms.

Please note: This is not a paid advertisement. The Wooden Wagon sent me this coupon code and since I love their site, I thought I’d pass it along to you! If you have a shop of handmade goods, I’d love to share special discounts for the holidays. Just send me an e-mail at thelongthreadATgmailDOTcom.

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  • Hello 🙂 This post was just perfect for me. My oldest child is visiting Germany with his grandparents and has asked if we want him to bring anything home…. and I will request one of the candle pyramids…. we had one years ago but it after 6 cross country moves it had finally been broken beyond repair. Thanks for reminding me about it 🙂 And also, I’ve been a reader for awhile and just love your blog….. I’ve listed it permanently on mine on my INSPIRING page. Thanks for sharing so many lovely things 🙂

  • Ahh. Beautiful. these are a major part of childhood memories for me too. I have a small one but would love one big giant one. thanks for sharing. I’m so excited to learn about the Wooden Wagon.

  • Jen

    Lovely! Thanks for reminding me of these. My grandmama always had one going — love the fresh colors of the contemporary santa…what a good holiday tip, and something fun to start with my two little kidlets!

  • billie

    I have been looking for one of these! I remember being mesmerized by ours as a child. Thank you!

  • I have such fond memories of those candle pyramids too. I have a tiny one now and would love to add more to create a collection. I’ll have to tell Santa about the Wooden Wagon. Thanks!

  • TJ

    I love Christmas Carousels! They are so fascinating. It’s a good way to teach children about candles, fire and danger as well as getting entertainment without batteries and blinking lights… happy creations from tj in germany

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