Recycled Ornaments


Festive Sweater Ornaments from Viva Terra.

I’m thinking about waste a lot today; perhaps this is because we made a trip to Party City.  I have now convinced my almost five-year-old that it will be acceptable for us to make a pinata for her birthday party.  We are making it from cardboard and tissue paper and it will have pull strings.  We’ll see how this turns out.  Anyway, with Christmas splattered all over the stores I was thinking that it’s nice to make/recycle/pass along ornaments like these pretty tin can angels made in Guatemala (pictured below), also from Viva TerraGreat Green Goods has a nice list with these and others.


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  • Good to see people using recycled items for Christmas ornaments. Very Cool!!
    Ecards or recycled christmas cards is also another way to being green friendly for the holidays.

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