Etsy Finds Friday


Screenprinted Linen Tea Towels, $52 from Shaky Isles.

Embroidered Cotton Pouch, $12 from Made You Look.

Great Outdoors Fat Quarter, $9 from Leanne Graeff.

Bamboo Handle Linen Purse, $42 from Christina’s.

Handmade Doll, $90 from Wren Handmade.

Vintage Wallpaper, $49 for 13.9 yards (20.5″ wide), from Menzo Collection.

Florida Everglades Afghan, $80 from popsicle stick.

Through the Wallpaper print, 8.5″x8.5″, $23 from Hadley Hutton.

Set of Six Vintage Modern Note Cards, $7.25 from Miss Retro Modern.

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