Quick Crafty Roundup


Here are some projects to keep you busy.  These days I look at so many things online that I have trouble tracking where I find links.  So these are the sites that I check regularly for tutorial links: Whip Up, Craft, One Pretty Thing and Craft Gossip.  My apologies for not giving proper credit.  It’s all a blur.

Stenciled Shoe Bag from Jenny Ryan for Craft.

Tree trunk cake stand from Once Wed for Etsy’s How-Tuesday.

Checkerboard from I Heart Linen for Sew News.

Knitted Twine Dining Set from Design Sponge.

Warm Fuzzy Mammal Finger Puppets from Soto Softies.

Simple Summer Pavilion from Maya Made.

Doorstop from Wipster.

Tiny Delicate Tissue Flowers from Zakka Life. (Wouldn’t these be sweet cupcake toppers?)

5 comments to Quick Crafty Roundup

  • Once Wed’s blog is so fun – thanks for the link! I love that cake stand – off to see how they made it!

  • liz

    How about a back pack or school bag tutorial or link to a good pattern or site? I want to make something special for my Kindergarten kid *sob*, do you have anything like that at your ohsocrafty fingertips? 🙂

  • Deb

    Love the circle layout for the pics! Thanks for sharing.

  • I love that checkerboard! That would be such a great gift for a kid birthday party…

  • thank you for including the tissue flowers in such a wonderful roundup. and I agree, they would look just lovely on cupcakes. good idea.


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