All in the Details

It’s all about the details.  Here are a few beautiful sewing techniques to try:


Honeycomb Smocking from Tumbling Blocks (see the precious top made by UK Lass in the US).

Piping on a Collar from Little Girl Pearl.

Crochet Trimmed Edge from Foundling.

Pintuck Pleats from The Long Thread.

Shell Hem Edge from Threads.

Cathedral Windows from Hyena in Petticoats.

11 comments to All in the Details

  • Thanks for the links, especially for the cathedral windows. I’ve been wondering how that is made.

  • You are so right. The difference between nice and lovely is in the detail. Thanks for sharing such a lovely assortment of techniques.

  • Hi,

    I added your blog to a new sewing blog directory that sort blogs by freshness. The blogs with new posts are always moved up to the top. Please check it out and recommend it to your sewing blogger friends!

    Thank you!


  • these are gorgeous. i need to try that piped collar when i [finally] get around to making my daughter a dress this spring. oh, to have more hours in the day, i would try all these techniques. thanks for sharing

  • Oh you have posted these just in time for my project I’m working on…. a quilted fabric album! Thank you

  • Bethany

    Thanks for the links!!! I really like the tumbling block smocking, but I am going to have to have to try the cathedral window quilt!

  • cyd

    Oh – thank-you for sharing these!!! I was looking all over for cathedral window quilts just yesterday on the internet…I just didn’t know the name and I wasn’t finding what I wanted. Now I’m so happy and am on the right track. 🙂

  • Johnelle

    Thanks so much for the Cathedral window details. I have always loved my Aunts but thought it was way to hard for me to do. I have never made a quilt,but I think I will try this one. It may be a pillow. ha ha

  • Dreama

    I loved seeing these although I haven’t done any sewing in ages. I started a cathedral quilt in 1969…never finished it…but still have it packed away. I love that pattern. Thanks for the reminder.

  • Gemini Daggz

    Hi, I was trying to learn how to make Cathedral Windows from Hyena in Petticoats, but i need an invite to access the page. I was wondering if you know of some way that i could get an invite

  • I lost my pattern for Cathedral windows and would love to make another one. I need an invite to Hyena in Petticoats to access page. Would really appreciate your help.

    Doris Schiavo

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