Child’s Artwork Tote Bag



Do more with your child’s artwork!  I used my embroidery machine to sew my daughter’s drawing onto the fabric, but you could transfer your child’s design and hand embroider, print on fusible paper or printable fabric, have your child draw with fabric markers, or a number of other options.  We use tote bags frequently and I thought it would be nice to have a pint sized version.  They can haul their own snacks to the park, carry home groceries, or tote a change of clothes.

Here is the tutorial for the bag: childs-artwork-tote-bag. The pocket method that I used is a bit different from the version pictured above and the pocket is smaller (6″x6″ finished size).  Also, I did not include specific instructions about creating the drawing on the pocket, but you could use any of the methods mentioned above.  So this is a versatile tote bag pattern that you could edit in many ways.

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