Paper Doilies




Here are today’s projects. Doily cut-out cards and flour sack kitchen towels painted with doily shapes.

For the towels, I took some spray adhesive to attach the doily to the towel, cut out a heart for the outside and taped that down around it. Now I used red spray paint, but I think it would have been better to use a stencil brush and fabric paint. I also think a circular doily would have been prettier, but these were all I could find in the store today (and I don’t like that they sort of look like a face). When I washed the towels, the paint faded a bit, but the basic shape remains. I think the doily idea would work nicely for a tablecloth as well.

2 comments to Paper Doilies

  • I like your towels though as soon as you mentioned the face, that’s all I could see! It’s a great idea and sounds really easy. Maybe next year. I have no time for anything. *sigh*

  • The paper hearts were a total inspiration – I had been procrastinating making valentines for my sweeties until I saw them. Thanks!

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