Chinese New Year Craft Round-Up

The Chinese New Year celebration begins on January 26, so here are some crafts to make with the kiddos.

lion-puppet Lion Puppet and other crafts from Activity Village.

ox Paper ox from Brenda Ponnay for Alpha Mom.

marthas-dragon Paper Dragon from Martha Stewart.

plum-tree Plum Tree and other crafts from Kaboose.

red-packet-lantern Red Packet Paper Lantern from Kids Craft Weekly.

paper-dragon Paper Dragon from Hewlett Packard.

Plus lots of links and activities at Squidoo.

5 comments to Chinese New Year Craft Round-Up

  • vespabelle

    nice! I was just thinking last night what to put in the lucky money envelopes I am giving to friends on Friday (at our annual Chinese New Year dinner.)

  • Thanks! This is great. I am going to forward this to my local Families with Children from China playgroup. They were looking for crafts to do for Chinese New Year.

  • HomeBizLiz

    Great work, thanks! I am new to your site and had to tell you how much I enjoy it. I really like the layout, clean and simple, very nice!

  • Nice ideas, thank you! My kids are learning Chinese and just made a presentation for their classrooms for the new year. These would make a nice addition to the celebrating.

  • Thanks for linking to my Chinese New Year Unit Study lens. I’m hosting a contest on my blog for families celebrating Chinese New Year at home. These crafts you’ve shared would be a great entry in the contest.

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