Paint Fabric Collection


Introducing Paint for Kokka! With three double gauze prints and three cotton/linen blends, this collection is inspired by my painting experiments with a rich palette and metallic touches. This collection is available for wholesale ordering from these distributors.

brushstrokes-teal brushstrokes-blue brushstrokes-black

Brushstrokes in teal, blue, and black (cotton/linen).

flowers-gray flowers-yellow flowers-navy

Flowers in charcoal, yellow, and blue (cotton/linen).

beads-green beads-gray beads-blue

Beads in green, charcoal, and blue (cotton/linen).

loops-taupe loops-gray loops-blue

Loops in taupe, gray, and blue (double gauze cotton).

darts-teal darts-red darts-black

Darts in teal, red, and black (double gauze cotton).

texture-mint-and-silver texture-gold-and-navy texture-black-and-natural

Texture in silver metallic/mint, gold metallic/navy, black/natural (double gauze cotton).




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