September Newsletter Tutorial


Subscribe to my monthly newsletter for sewing tutorials! Next week I’ll send the tutorial for these printed pillows, along with links and some thoughts about creativity. Enter your email address in the sidebar to join the list.

You can read the August newsletter and get last month’s tutorial here.

2 comments to September Newsletter Tutorial

  • Linda

    I have noticed lots of bloggers are doing newsletters and I am wandering why. It seems easier for all to just include everything in your blog rather than adding another thing to keep up with.

  • thelongthread

    Good question, Linda! Although many people are still reading blogs, readership has declined. Communication has become fragmented with social media and people are getting information through multiple streams. Newsletters are a way to connect with people directly, but I definitely see your point about it being another thing to keep up with! I will only be sending a monthly newsletter, so hopefully won’t bombard people with too many emails.

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