Quick Pillow Corner Fix


I’ve always been annoyed by those floppy corners in pillow covers where the pillow form doesn’t really get fit into the corner. I’ve tried stuffing the corners, rounding the corners, but neither of these solutions made me happy. As I was sewing this morning, it was obvious to me that a pillow corner isn’t a right angle at all, so I made this little template and it seems to work very well. Thought I’d share if anyone is interested.

These pillows were made with my Rough Cut fabric from Kokka.


Click on the image below to download the template. Print at full scale.


7 comments to Quick Pillow Corner Fix

  • Jenn

    Love this idea! Thanks for sharing!

  • Marion

    Ellen, thank you – this sounds like a smart idea. Will definitely try it out…Rgds

  • This is really cool! Thanks for sharing it. Love your pillows. 🙂

  • Ellen

    Those floppy corners are called “dog ears.” You ,lcan actually buy pillow templates ( to the trade) that remove the dog ears when you cut out the pillow. Another trade secret. Designers buy their pillow forms two inches larger than the pillow cover.

  • thanks so much ! looove that fabric ! What size are the pillows ?

  • Youngmi An

    Yes!! Thank you so much for figuring this out and sharing! Those ears drive me nuts and kept me from making throw pillows for my new couch. Can’t wait to give it a try!

  • thelongthread

    I used 16″ pillow forms and just cut the fabric to 17″ with a scant 1/2″ seam allowance so it will be snug.

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