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This year, I’m again working on my daughter’s elementary school auction project. We decided to make a flower mandala, so I designed this to be made with almost 400 children. I made each grade a ring of the mandala (PP-6th grade), so there was math involved. Boo. Each grade is using a different technique on a square piece of paper, then we’re cutting the shapes and mounting them to the white background, which will then be framed. The finished piece will be around 36″ square, so the pieces are pretty tiny. Anyone want to offer framing services? Really.

The kids are doing watercolor with salt, collage and painted paper, styrofoam printing, pastel and watercolor relief, tissue paper collage, zentangle, and cross-hatching. Luckily, our school art teacher makes the art with the kids so all I have to do is assemble the piece. I hope to have the piece ready in a couple of days. Fingers crossed.


3 comments to Auction Projects

  • This is going to be fantastic! At first I thought you were making this into a quilt for the auction!

  • Carmen

    Cannot wait to see it all put together. Hope it bring lots of money from the auction for the school!

  • That is really beautiful! And so great that everyone got to pitch in! But, extra special? That they painted the paper, too. Wow! Surprise element!! Very nice! I hope someone framed it to keep it safe and up where it can be seen by many! Cheery thing, this mandala!

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