Garden Collection for Kokka


My new Garden collection for Kokka is now available in stores! Right now Pink Chalk Fabrics, Crimson Tate, and Fabricworm all have it in stock. More retailers should be getting shipments soon.

Click on the images below for larger photos of each print.

triangle-flowers-in-turquoise triangle-flowers-in-gray triangle-flowers-in-blue

Triangle Flowers in olive green, gray, and blue.

hydrangea-in-plum hydrangea-in-blue hydrangea-in-green

Hydrangea in plum, blue, and olive green.

crossed-leaves-in-gray crossed-leaves-in-chartreuse crossed-leaves-in-turquoise

Crossed Leaves in gray, chartreuse, and turquoise.

butterflies-in-blue butterflies-in-plum butterflies-in-gray

Butterflies in cornflower, plum, and gray.

cheater-print-in-pastel cheater-print-in-gray cheater-print-in-dark

Cheater Print in pastels, gray, and jewel.

dutch-garden-in-mustard dutch-garden-in-turquoise dutch-garden-in-charcoal

Dutch Garden in mustard, turquoise and charcoal.

9 comments to Garden Collection for Kokka

  • I love this collection! It is on my to buy next list! This has made me even more excited. 🙂

  • A gorgeous collection. I’m on a fabric buying diet until July THEN I get to buy myself a birthday present. This is it!!

  • kity

    Congratulations on your great new collection!!

  • Suzanne

    Love the butterflies!

  • So pretty, Ellen! Congratulations! Is it linen/cotton?

  • They’re gorgeous, Ellen!

  • Simone

    Beautiful and FUN!! So nice to see that you are on a roll.

  • shauna575

    Really special! Gorgeous!

  • Martha Reynoso

    I’ve always envied people with a talent especially sewing because even though I like a lot of things, sewing has been one of my favorite things to try, though I have never really developed in any one interest and sometimes I feel like I am missing out. Anyways, I read what you said about getting rid of the ads and popups, and I just wanted to say how refreshing that was. And because there was not that much clutter on your page, I was drawn to look and read which is unusual for me since usually I just look really quick and move one, mostly because I feel attacked by popups and ads. So thank you very much for considering the people who stop by to view your blog. Keep up the good work and your love for sewing, I whish I had that kind of commitment to a hobby or a craft. maybe some day.

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