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Many of you quilters are at QuiltCon, but I am just going to sew all weekend. I’m disappointed about missing out on all the fun, but it’s part of my resolution to get a better balance on my income versus expenses this year. That means only one sewing trip for me; fall market in Houston. For all of you quilters who didn’t make it to QuiltCon this year, what are you working on at home?

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’m working on a quilt for the kids’ school auction. The theme of the auction is kaleidoscope, so I immediately thought of the Shoeman’s Puzzle quilt in Denyse Schmidt’s latest book. I am making this quilt with a traditional kaleidoscope design, but I created templates so that I could paper piece it. I’ve shared my templates below if you’d like to make this block. Just click on the images for the .pdf file. Be sure to print full size (de-select the “fit to page” option). Although your outer lines may get cut off, the block with seam allowance is 8 1/2″, the width of standard paper.

If you follow me on Instagram, you saw yesterday that I was trying to decide whether to paper piece or use templates, so I increased the size of the block from 6″ to 8″, which means I only have to make 64 instead of 100 blocks. I like the precision of paper-piecing and I actually enjoy the process. Cutting fabric is one of my least favorite tasks, so this skips that step. Each of the pieces for the quilt was hand-dyed by the kids and when it all comes together, it should look something like this. I limited the colors to varying shades of blue, yellow and green so that the subtle patterns in this design will still be seen.

Hoping to get the quilt top made this weekend, so wish me luck!


kaleidoscope-quilt-block1 kaleidoscope-quilt-block2

10 comments to Kaleidoscope Quilt

  • betz

    So pretty! I’m not at QuiltCon either, boo hoo. 🙂 I have got to try paper piecing, it looks hard but your statement about hating cutting resonated with me! Me too, I find cutting to be a drag. Thanks!

  • Good luck!
    Sounds like enough work for the weekend! Nice colors!
    We just got a new ruler in our quilt shop: “Hex N More”. I took one home to try it out. Hope to show some results at the end of the weekend.

  • Jo

    Would you show how you iron the seams on the blocks? I made one of these quilts and found the center of each block became too thick with seams to easily quilt.

  • Mary Ann

    I hope to swing it next year. As for working on- my daughter’s costume for the group we are going in at Dragoncon ( it’s on the web). I am making a bustled skirt for her turn as Hades from Disney’s “Hercules”. I can tell you it has more parts as a skirt than most dresses I have sewed!!!!!!

  • Sounds like a great weekend planned. Thanks for the pattern – I’ve been scouring the web and this is just what I’m looking for!!!

  • elsa

    Love this block and a whole quilt of them will be fantastic!
    I didn’t go to QuiltCon either ~ but having a nice weekend. Last night was the Portland Modern Quilt Guild and was lots of fun. Today I’m going to do hand stitching with friends and the rest of the weekend I’m going to be working on some pillows for my son and dil. Not QuiltCon, but not a bad weekend either!

  • Tammy

    Great looking block. Thanks for the paper pieced pattern

  • Wow is this ever awesome. Thank you so much.

  • AmyEdwards

    Ellen-this is so lovely for the school! I am at quiltcon and wanted you to know so many people are stopping me and complimenting the bag with your fabrics from Stamped. Just thought you might like to see it….I love it so much…the fabric is fab!

  • Loving these colors 🙂 I can’t wait to see!

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