2017 Calendar


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Printed Pouch Tutorial


My October newsletter went out yesterday with a tutorial for this printed, zippered pouch. Enter your email address in the sidebar if you’d like to join the mailing list!


Painted and Pleated


I’ve been making more experiments, this time with paint and pleats. For the quarter-circles above, I painted and stamped some linen and cotton fabric. Below, you can see I’ve been playing with pleats on half-square triangles. I’m thinking of combining the two methods next to create some clean-lined blocks with painted fabric.





Soon I’ll be submitting my spring fabric collection to Kokka, with all of the designs based on hand-stamped artwork. These are some side experiments that I’ve made along the way. Right now I’m focusing only on process and experimentation.

This week I’ve been experimenting with color and different painting techniques. Above I tried the same design with acrylic on paper, then textile paint on fabric, while in the photo below I tried a putty knife to spread paint onto fabric.


I also painted some circles onto fabric, then cut them into 3″ squares and sewed them back together again. The pink above and below is neon paint, but it’s difficult to see in a photograph. I’ll add these experiments to the pile and make them into something one day soon.


Paper + Fabric


I’ve got quite a few of these freezer paper stencils in progress. Still white on white for now. At some point, the finished fabric pieces might turn into a quilt.

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