Simple Tote Tutorial


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September Newsletter Tutorial


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Painted Coasters


These coasters were made with some of my recent fabric experiments. First, I used textile paints with foam stamps and brushes to create simple designs. I experimented with watering down the paint, adding different colors, neons, and metallics. I used a scrap of linen and a vinyl light-blocking fabric that I had left over from making curtains. The benefit of experimenting with fabric is that you can simply cut out what you like and sew it into something, leaving the rest for another time.

Find the sewing tutorial here — a quick and easy project for beginners!





Quick Pillow Corner Fix


I’ve always been annoyed by those floppy corners in pillow covers where the pillow form doesn’t really get fit into the corner. I’ve tried stuffing the corners, rounding the corners, but neither of these solutions made me happy. As I was sewing this morning, it was obvious to me that a pillow corner isn’t a right angle at all, so I made this little template and it seems to work very well. Thought I’d share if anyone is interested.

These pillows were made with my Rough Cut fabric from Kokka.


Click on the image below to download the template. Print at full scale.


Pumpkin Pincushion


I’m enjoying the cooler weather and glad we finally have some sun here in Atlanta after days and days of rain. Someone recently asked me to post the instructions for this pumpkin pincushion that I made a few years ago, so here it is! Download the  instructions here. There are two sizes of pumpkins here and obviously you could make them as a pincushion or fall decoration.


I’m busy getting ready for the upcoming Quilt Market in Houston, where I’ll be showing my new collection in the Seven Islands booth #354/454. More details soon.

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