Valentine Crackers

Today was Valentine Central at our house and the dining room table is now covered in bits of paper, ribbon, tissue paper and candy wrappers!

My nine-year-old and I got the idea a while back to make Valentine crackers (like Christmas crackers), and I found this tutorial over on Not Martha. Megan has also made them for Valentine’s Day now, so you can read her great tutorial for those as well. I could only find the poppers on ebay, but you may be able to find some in one of the shops that Megan recommends. They took a while to get here since they came from overseas, but they were inexpensive and since we used gift wrap tubes (which were sturdier and looked better than the toilet paper tubes that we thought of using), the project itself was reasonable.

For my daughter’s crackers, she chose to fill them with candy, cut out hearts, ribbon confetti and stickers. I cut the gift wrap tubes into 2 1/2″ segments using a craft knife and we used tissue paper for the wrapping, so it was easy for my daughter to roll them up on her own. And the twist ties that Megan used are genius and so much easier for little hands. I had these silver ones on hand, but looks like you can find some red and white striped ties here. Once I got out the supplies and made a sample to see how to put it all together, my daughter was able to make them on her own.

We’ll see how the popping crackers go over with the teachers! I am planning to give them some warning. Here’s a printable for the labels we used if you want to try these out in the future. This makes 1 1/2″ x 7″ labels, which work with gift wrap tubes, but if you are using toilet paper rolls, they will need to be a bit longer.


Heart Bracelet

Since Valentine’s Day seems to be our next crafty holiday, I thought I’d share a photo of this heart bracelet I designed for the book Stash Happy Felt. (Shown here before I added the elastic strap). This was another project using the wonderful industrial wool felt from FilzFelt. For complete instructions and templates, you can check out the book, which has 30 quick and easy felt projects. In the book, there are two different templates — a larger size for adults and a smaller one for kids, as shown here.

Valentine’s Round-Up

Here are a few Valentine’s card ideas from the past. My kids have ideas for this year, so hopefully I will get to share those with you soon. Meanwhile, we are collecting toilet paper tubes! My husband asked why they were all lined up in the kitchen and I said we were saving them for Valentines. His comment was “Of course. Nothing says ‘I love you’ like toilet paper tubes”. So true.

Tweet, Tweet printable valentines.

Cupid’s Arrow Pencils with printable from my post for Alpha Mom.

Crayon Hearts with printable card.

Several ideas for simple handmade valentines in a post for Alpha Mom.

Recycled card ideas.

Salt Dough Hearts.


Blooming Holiday Printable Gift Tags

Thought I’d share these printable cards that I made for Alpha Mom last year. Download the files below. Then just print, cut and share!

Tree Cards

Snowflake Cards

You can find wine tags and folded enclosure cards over on the original post at Alpha Mom.

Holiday Cheer

I’ve got the tree up and just made a stocking for our new addition to the family. Yes, we have stockings for all of our pets, including the guinea pig. And after I hung it, I realized that our other stockings point to the right. Oh, well.

Here are the triangle templates that I created to make the stocking if you’d like to use them for a quilt block or other project. I love paper piecing for getting precision in smaller triangles like these. If you’re unfamiliar with the technique, you basically place the fabric behind your paper pattern and sew right through the paper. You can check out tutorials on YouTube, because it’s tricky to explain. Here are some other paper pieced blocks I made.