I’ve been procrasti-baking. Anyone else do that? Rather than clean my house or get work done, I’m in the kitchen baking.

We made two batches of peppermint bark for my kid’s holiday market, maybe five batches of my all-time-favorite cookie snickerdoodles, and quite a few rounds of these peppermint meringues. So the teachers are all gifted this year. These meringues are simple to make and require just a few inexpensive ingredients. I always use a ziploc bag and a pastry tip because I cannot be bothered with washing a pastry bag. I tried two different pastry tips for different results. And I tried one batch substituting vanilla extract for the peppermint, but I think I prefer to stick to the recipe. They taste like crunchy little peppermint candies. Easy, tasty, done.

If you are still looking for quick goodies to gift, check out this adorable printable peppermint bark label from Hello! Lucky.



Creepy, isn’t it? October always is always a busy month for us. With Quilt Market, a trip to Portland, and Halloween costumes and events, we’re having an extra busy year.

My daughter’s fourth grade girl scout troop made this scarecrow “Ghoul Scout” for the Atlanta Botanical Garden. She actually turned out a bit creepier than we intended, but the girls were enthusiastic and this was the right age for getting a bit scary. The photo above was taken right after we dropped her off and she still has a tag pinned on her front. We haven’t been to the garden to see her in place yet, but she’ll be on display throughout October. And it looks like she’s won second place in the non-professional category, which should be exciting for our kids who worked so hard!


The girls made badges for the Ghoul Scout that you can see below, and I was impressed with their grotesque creativity! The badges include “puppy scaring”, “human head basketball”, “blood tea party”, and one of my favorites — “killing rainbows.” Pretty great. We even added a box of “Skin Mints.” This was my 11-year-old’s idea and she came up with the list of disgusting ingredients like flaking soda and hydrogenated toes. Gross, huh?

Happy Holidays


Christmas is over. Sigh. Hope you had a merry one! My mother gave me our family ornaments and I think I worked on this little cross stitched mouse as a kid. I’m guessing I had help with it.

Happy Halloween


Happy Halloween! Here’s a tutorial I did for Whip Up a few years back. You can make it as a pincushion or fall decoration. My 8-year-old movie star and my 10-year-old doughnut are all ready to go trick-or-treating tonight! Hope you have a happy and safe Halloween!

Tutorial: How to Make Perfectly White Eggs


Ahem, updated note: This post was written on April 1st.

Although it’s a day after Easter, today I’ll show you how to achieve perfectly white eggs. Of course, your eggs may not look as good as mine, but you can still give it a try.

First, gather eggs from your chickens, boil and cool them (not the chickens, just the eggs). Then wrap one egg in aluminum foil. Use firm pressure as you wrap, sealing any cracks with duct tape, which can be painted in a later step.


Next, fill a measuring cup with gin, toss in the foil-covered egg and let it soak for several hours.


Finally, remove the egg from the gin, peel off the aluminum foil, and drain the measuring cup. The egg-infused gin makes a great martini, perfect for Monday mornings! To make the egg shine, polish it with a homemade chamois cloth moistened with rabbit saliva. If you’d like to achieve various shades of white, such as parchment, snow, or cotton, add dryer lint accordingly. Paint the egg white if needed.

Keep eggs away from pets and children.